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October 21, 2020, 10:00 PM

Traveling Together: Bringing Psychodrama Skills into Your Practice Part 2

A talk by Kate Naylor

Speaker expertise

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Natural Lifemanship Certified as a Clinician and Equine Professional Certified in the Trauma Conscious Yoga Method

Psychodrama is a well-established yet often misunderstood approach to therapy–working with the body and the mind’s imagination is a powerful way to tap into a client’s full experience. Bringing psychodrama into session asks that we bridge two worlds, the one of our client’s mind and imagination, and the one here and now. Effective psychodrama requires leaning into our felt sense of connection while also regulating ourselves–we act as a guide and a tether. This is similar to any form of therapy, but with the added components of engaging our whole selves alongside our clients’ experience. We are not only observers, but co-creators and co-travelers. Our own awareness of our triggers, shadows, and limits are paramount to good psychodrama.

Join me in discovering how psychodrama can be utilized to reach clients through a more bottom-up approach. We will play with movement, images, sensations, emotions and thoughts to uncover new ways of exploring the self and our relationships. Psychodrama is not acting and requires no prior experience. It is a vibrant therapeutic approach that supports your client's inner world to come alive. In this break out session we will explore simple psychodramatic techniques, review a demonstration of utilizing psychodrama in equine assisted work, and discover how our own presence in the session makes all the difference.

Objectives: - Discover how Psychodrama and Natural Lifemanship can be integrated and used together organically - Understand when psychodrama might, or might not, be appropriate in session - Utilize simple psychodramas to help clients deepen their physical and emotional experience in session, with or without horses - Learn how to facilitate a psychodrama by feeling into your own parallel experience

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