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New Fireside Chat: Attachment Friday, May 7, 2021

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October 24, 2020, 10:00 PM

The Earliest Stages of Building a Secure Attachment For All: Trust, Respect, and Willingness

A talk by Michelle Holling-Brooks
Founder and Practitioner, Unbridled Change

The benefits of helping our clients develop a healthy attachment style are numerous. Learning how to cultivate a secure attachment style allows us the ability to step into resonance with our amazing, beautiful, empowered, and authentic selves! Having healthy connection to self and others also unlocks the ability for us to heal and grow, as well as to support others in the same pursuit. However, the “how-to” part of changing or healing our attachment style can be difficult to maneuver. Oftentimes we overlook the very beginnings of relationship building that can set the tone for how the relationship continues to unfold. In this workshop participants will explore the very beginning stages of building a healthy connection – the stages that begin prior to a request or even a handshake. Participants will learn the foundational skills needed to support their clients, and their horses, in the very beginnings of attachment. Participants will have an opportunity to observe a real first session and ask questions about the concepts and activities that Michelle utilizes in her practice to help every horse and human learn the beginning skills for “earning” a secure attachment.

Objectives: -Learn the first three pillars of what Michelle calls the “Bridge of Connection”--building trust, respect, and willingness for ALL beings – horses and humans -Observe a real first session in which Michelle utilizes her approach to initiate healthy connection with self and others -Explore the basic concepts of relationship building and working toward an “earned” secure attachment for you, your horses, and your clients

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