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October 21, 2020, 05:00 PM

Self in Session

A talk by Kate Naylor and Sara Sherman
Discovery Horse

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Natural Lifemanship Certified as a Clinician and Equine Professional Certified in the Trauma Conscious Yoga Method

  1. Self in Session (with Kate Naylor and Sara Sherman) Experiential forms of therapy and coaching are dramatically different from traditional forms of talk therapy, for a variety of reasons - perhaps the most salient differences are the inclusion of the body, movement, and active relationships. When we become facilitators of experience our form of influence changes.  It is imperative we consider our own bodies and our own ways of being in relationships so that we may step into a session aware, present, and prepared to be a co-regulating and healing force for our clients.  It matters less what we say, and matters so much more what we do and how we do it. In this workshop we will introduce the fundamental differences between facilitation of an experiential process and traditional therapy/coaching and how our own attachment and somatic patterns can influence a session.   We will explore ethics, technique, and best practices for a trauma-informed facilitator - both with and without the assistance of equines.  How we show up in session matters - cultivating a personal practice of connection to self is the beginning.  We can then foster connections between personal practice and professional practice, creating a foundation of awareness and intentionality for our work with clients. Objectives:  Explore the differences between talk approaches and experiential approaches to coaching/therapy and why an awareness of self matters so much  Understand ethical considerations between experiential facilitation in a coaching format vs a counseling one  Practice specific skills to attune to self in order to grow intentionality in self- awareness before, during, and after session  Connect this learning to work with clients, as well as in facilitation teams (including with your equine partners)

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