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October 25, 2020, 04:00 PM

Hoof Beats + Heart Beats = A Whole Lotta Regulation

A talk by Michael Remole and Marti Smith OTR/L
Creative Therapies

A fully integrated brain is critical for success. But how do we help our clients, our horses and ourselves work towards that goal in our sessions? This workshop will take a deeper look into how we can focus on interconnectedness through rhythm, movement and creative ways to assist in bottom-up regulation for humans and horses.
Course Objectives:
-Participants will gain a more comprehensive knowledge of proprioception, interoception and the vestibular system. -Participants will understand the impact of trauma on proprioception, interoception and the vestibular system.
-Participants will gain knowledge and practical interventions to assist in creating and implementing sessions that foster a more fully integrated brain for horse and human. -Participants will learn innovative strategies for incorporating the body into sessions—both humans and horse.
-Participants will be equipped with assessment tools to improve understanding the sensory & emotional needs of their clients.

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