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October 25, 2020, 04:00 PM

Integration of Trauma Conscious Yoga and Equine Assisted Practice

A talk by Britt Palmer

Trauma Conscious Yoga (TCY) is a gentle, contemplative practice allowing people to learn to reconnect and trust their bodies. This can include inner child work, chakra work, gentle asanas, and meditations all while offering choice to your clients. Grounded in yogic practice, informed by polyvagal theory, internal family systems, client centered therapy, and utilizing trauma sensitive language, this is a truly unique model that is easily integrated into any model of equine assisted practice. You will learn about the fundamentals of TCY and how it can look within your equine assisted psychotherapy sessions.
You do not need special equipment but if you would like to have a yoga mat, a blanket, a bolster or pillow you are welcome to have those in the room with you. Comfortable clothing is suggested, but certainly nothing special required. Learning Objectives: Develop a basic understanding of how Trauma Conscious Yoga differs from the typical yoga experience Learn about the importance of the polyvagal theory in the practice of Trauma Conscious Yoga Learn how to integrate trauma conscious yoga within an equine session- with both ground and mounted work

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