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October 24, 2020, 08:00 PM

Consent and THIS horse Part 1

A talk by Tanner Jobe and Tim Jobe
Natural Lifemanship & Natural Lifemanship

We all love our horses! Most of us would agree that we desire genuine connection, partnership, and healthy relationships with our horses, but what does this look like in real life?

What does this look like in the day in and day out when there are things that just have to be done?

Consent and choice are the fundamental precursors to things like genuine connection and partnership. But again, what do we really mean by consent?

What do compliance, appeasement, and submission look like with our horses? We recognize how hard it is, at times, to differentiate between compliance and connection, which is why we bring this workshop to you!

Prior to this presentation, Tim and Tanner will film some fundamental and basic tasks with a horse, such as haltering, saddling, mounting, and riding. First, they will do these tasks the way many of us have done them a bazillion times. . . with a bit of compliance. Tim and Tanner will then complete the same tasks, with the same horse, with connection and consent so that you can see the difference in a concrete manner. It is often said, “The devil is in the details,” so Tim and Tanner are going to delve into the details with THIS particular horse. In their live presentation, they will compare the two videos and highlight the horse’s experience through the process while discussing what is happening with the horse in terms of relationship, arousal, and brain development. Their hope is that they can shed some light on the subtle ways we can ask our horses to consent, participate, and willingly cooperate in their lives with us.


  1. Recognize what compliance looks like with this particular horse.
  2. Understand how compliance affects the horse’s brain development and how it affects our relationship.
  3. Learn how to ask for consent and participation while performing any task with a horse.

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