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2020 has taught us how interconnected we really are

When you look up at the night sky, you see millions of tiny stars. Each one shining brightly and working hard to contribute to the whole, but miles apart from the next closest star.

We are like the stars. Working individually to shine a bright light for ourselves and our clients, while working alongside our fellow practitioners to light up the night sky with hope, possibility and resilience.

Interconnected 2020 is a virtual conference hosted by Natural Lifemanship, designed to bring together a community of healers from all over the world and remind us that we all look at the same beautiful night sky.

When the future is uncertain, staying grounded becomes both necessary and transformational––for each of us, as well as our clients and horses.

Let's walk one another home. We'll see you there. 

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* The conference will be LIVE, and will include horse-human interactions in most sessions. This is an experience unlike any other.

* Interact in real-time with experiential activities throughout the event to practice embodying healing through rhythm, movement, and connection to self and others.

* Learn from the industry’s most sought after speakers and practitioners.

* Easy to attend, even if you have horses and family members to care for at home.

* Access to over 90 hours of rich material from a variety of experts in the field on topics such as energetic and nutritional healing, attachment styles, horse behavior, consent, playfulness, movement, and so much more! 

8 days
39 speakers
18 categories

During the conference, each day will include several workshops happening simultaneously. You’ll be invited to select one speaker during each workshop session.

Workshops are available to All Access Pass holders and VIP Pass holders.

-- All Access Pass holders will be able to attend a total of 15 workshops (in real time) during the conference. All Access passes are $350 and include up to 30 hours of CEs available through NBCC and NAADAC.

-- VIP Pass holders will be able to attend a total of 45 workshops (15 live and the remainder through recordings). VIP Passes are $425 for non-members and $369.75 for members who enter their coupon.* VIP Passes include up to 75 hours of CEs available through NBCC and NAADAC.

-- Community Pass holders ($99) will not have access to any workshops (but do have live access to all keynote presentations). This pass offers up to 7.5 hours of CEs available through NBCC and NAADAC.

*Members: You MUST enter the coupon code you were sent by email in order to get the discount on the VIP Pass. You will not get the discount automatically. Please check your email or contact us for the code.